Thursday, 23 October 2008


I went to see the Apples and Snakes event on Tuesday night. I have never been to see any performance poets before so this was a whole new experience for me.

In the afternoon members of Write Out Loud, had been on a masterclass workshop on performance poetry led by Steve Tasane. Seems that the workshop had had the desired effect and encouraged a few of the attenders got up to read some of their work! I think being able to express yourself eloquently is challenge enough without having to read aloud to a crowd and not just read, perform. There was some good stuff from the Write Out Louders and I particularly liked Gemma O'Neill's poem about her bed. Lovely how she can make a relatively small subject matter so involving and romantic. Not only is Gemma a poet, she is also a teacher, festival organiser, singer and children's writer.....You can read a bit more about her including some of her work here (unfortunately the bed one isn't there!)

I was also totally enthralled by Andy Craven-Griffiths' poems about his family. If you have never seen performance poetry, I would definitely recommend him for first-timers. His performance has a great balance; accessible subject (family in this case - hear some of them here), his observations sharp, his choice of words mesmerising and not due to their complexity but due to their exactitude and you get carried along in the rhythm of his words. Magnetic...

As soon as he had finished I wanted to hear him again and, what do you know, he is performing in the Manchester Literatute Festivals Poetry Slam tonight (8pm) at the Northern pub. Oh and he also sings.....


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