Thursday, 30 October 2008

Forgotten Things - What's Being Said...

Stef from Red Ladder has sent me through a few reviews for Forgotten Things (30 Oct). Thanks Stef.

Reaction & reviews from audience so far:

"A play that swings around your head, not always gently – Forgotten Things is funny, provocative, sad and strange all at the same time. The set and puppetry are clever without being clever-clever and the whole thing is tight and concise. And it's funny, did I mention that before? Very funny.”

“A real innovative piece that questions not only our society, but how we interact with one another, and how we deal with authority. A dramatic piece that leaves you thinking long after you have left the theatre.” Quotes taken from Red Ladder’s Facebook group

"A weird and wonderful production.”

“Thinking theatre.......”
THE STAGE.

“Just seen the show, absolutely stunning, actors were fab, set spot on and I was impressed with Rod in the after show chat. Loved the interface of comedy and tragedy, I found the psychiatrist particularly evocative!

Too much praise for the use of the "trapdoor" thingies and the pace and surprise elements, really loved the eggs. All the actors were brill but have to say I was entranced by the little outbursts of suppressed emotion in the mother. The ending was shocking and because I was so involved with the show, I was floored by it, felt those feelings like the end of Romeo and Juliet when you want to rush in and say no, don't!

In the feedback I asked Rod about his confidence in support for young people who may be affected or even involved in some of the feelings in the show, I am without a doubt one of the protective ones! Once a youth worker, always a youth worker. Rod's response was what we know and love about Red Ladder, that the company will continue to provoke discussion about issues affecting young people however painful. He had quite a pessimistic view of society which I understand but don't neccessarily share. Society and young people in particular are forever changing and forever the same. I continue to be amazed at their humour and resilience.

Please pass on my congratulations to everyone involved and I'm sure the guy from The Stage will have been as impressed as everyone else at the show.” AUDIENCE MEMBER

For behind the scenes youtube footage about the creative process of making the show & rehearsals visit onto


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