Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I...just wanna be....anarchy....

Yup the song lyric as post titles are back but not without reason. The cast for The Venetian Twins arrived in the building yesterday (they have been rehearsing in that big London) and we met them at the Meet and Greet.

There is a great energy with the cast and from looking at the various props and other bits and pieces that are lying around the rehearsal room including cowbells, washboards, an ex Cirque du Soleil performer and all kind of other random items plus a small trampoline (trampet?) they are going to need that energy in spades. It seems that Paul is pulling out all the stops in order to achieve his dream of a fast-paced, riotous, anarchic (title makes sense now doesn't it) farce.....I just want to have a go on one of the trampolines and live in hope it will be donated to the Comms department after the show!

Anyway, I can't tell you too much more about it as then I will be giving the game away. I guess if you want to know more then you just have to book your ticket.

Talking of tickets, I thought it might be nice to run a little competition for my lovely blog readers. If you can correctly 'Spot the Difference' (shouldn't be too hard) between the two Venetian Twins images below and are the first to email me (sally.boyd@octagonbolton.co.uk) with the correct answers you can win a pair of free tickets to see the show. Click on the images to enlarge for a better look!

The competition small print! Terms and conditions: Winners tickets are available for Mon - Thurs evening performances only (exc Bargain Nights) and are subject to availability. Winners names may be used for marketing or publicity purposes.


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