Thursday, 9 October 2008

Octagon faces doing screen time

A couple of little snippets that you might find of interest. John Doughty has appeared a few times at the Octagon over the last couple of seasons with his talk about The Pendle Witches. Well it seems that Octagon isn't the only place he is appearing, he will also be on BBC's One Show on 27th October (it starts at 7pm) so if you are fan of Pendle Witches or of John D then why not give yourself a Hallowe'en treat? Grab a cuppa and some cinder toffee, light the fire and give him some screen time.

On a screen of a different type, I was also sent a link to the following video round-up of the wonder that is the 24:7 Theatre Festival (thanks David!). Not only does it feature some of the shows that featured here at the Octagon as part of Four of the Best, one of our my previous colleagues, Marketing Marvel and ex-Communications Director (and 24:7 Theatre Festival 2007 writer and entrant!), Lesa Dryburgh and her partner in crime Michael Trainor also have a little chat....she tells me she reads the blog so Hi Lesa! Here's the vid...


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