Thursday, 19 June 2008

Wigan Casino - the Best Disco in the World

For those of you that are interested in all things Wigan Casino, apparently Radio 2 are doing a series of programmes entitled The Definitive History of UK Dance Music, presented by Zoe Ball. The first one is called From Casinos to Warehouses - 1970 - 1987 and the blurb reads thus:

We start with the seventies and US Billboard magazine naming the Wigan Casino Best Disco in the World, ahead of New York's infamous Studio 54. Then the story moves on to the eighties and its emerging soul scene.The programme explores and contextualises Jazz Funk, Hip Hop and early house, and highlights how these forms were the pre-cursor to 1988's dance music explosion.

If you fancy a listen then tune in at 7pm this Saturday. Apparently Russ Winstanley will be contributing.

Octagon factoid:
Did you know that Zoe Ball's dad, Mr Johnny 'Think of a Number' Ball, is from Bolton. Apparently, he went to school with Keith, our Head of Finance. They were in the same class!

Correction: didn't got to school with, Johnny went to the same school as.....sorry Keith!


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