Thursday, 19 June 2008

Awwww shucks....your compliments are really spoiling us

Although I had picked up that audiences for Once Upon a Time in Wigan - LIVE! were really enjoying the show (our Front of House manager sends us a show report for each performance and it seems the atmosphere in the auditorium is so tangible it is often worth a comment in the report) it is really extra nice when a show prompts our audiences to write to us and thanks us.

Here are a couple of emails we have received.

From: Marianne
Sent: 16 June 2008 05:19
Subject: Once upon a time in Wigan - LIVE!

Could you please pass on these comments.

I have just seen this production and had to let you know how fantastic we thought the band were. You should produce a cd! I would definitely buy a copy. I didn't think a band would work but they really made the production and the vocals were terrific. They are so talented, and I believe they aren't even a band.

Having seen the production at the Contact Theatre, and having bought the cd, I really prefer the choice of songs that were used in this production and felt they told the story so much better, particularly in the second half.

Would it be possible to having a running order of the songs as they appeared?

And, even better, a cd!

Unfortunately, I am going on holiday this week, otherwise I would have definitely returned to see it again!

Thanks for an excellent afternoon.


From: Sonia
Sent: 16 June 2008 15:09
Subject: Once Upon a Time in Wigan - LIVE!


On behalf of my friend and I, heres a BIG THANK YOU to all involved withthe production of Once upon a time in Wigan which we saw on Friday13th.......!

Thought it was GREAT and the band were BRILLIANT.

Well done to the actors/actresses for the dancing and bringing back memories of good times, sad times but most of all live for today times.

We went off to the Brasshouse on Churchgate for further memories of soul, along with bending peoples ears about what a SUPER play we had just seen.


Sonia and Leigh.

From: Bill
Sent: 17 June 2008 06:06
Subject: Once upon a time in Wigan- LIVE!

Dear Mark Babych

I was lucky enough to attend the first night of your production of Once Upon A Time in Wigan -LIVE! last week and I must say I was blown away by the sheer power of the music, having been a regular attendee to Wigan Casino and also seeing the play the first time around I was unsure what to expect, as I know how hard it is to replicate a lot of the northern soul songs.

The combined earthy gritty soulful voice of Paul Kissoun sent shivers down my spine every time he sang, he also had the movement of some of the old soul performers from the great days of the Casino, the band were note perfect and looked really cool in the charcoal grey suits. I have mentioned to all my friends to attend and see the play, they will be blown away as I was.

Keep the faith


What a polite bunch. I must say a big thank you to those that have not only taken the time to come and see the show but also to write to us. It means a lot. Having read these I can't wait to see the show again myself.....


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