Friday, 27 June 2008

Once Upon a Time in Wigan and the Happy Ever Afters....

Another lovely email from a patron.

From: Mark

Sent: 26 June 2008 21:21

Subject: Once Upon a time in Wigan


Me and my partner attended “Once upon a time in Wigan” on Monday and would just like to say what a great time we had.

We had never been to the Octagon before (or any theatre for that matter!). The show was fantastic!!!!!! Great songs, great dancing, great cast and a great production. The staff of the theatre were all friendly and helpful and we will definitely be attending your theatre again. Some time soon.

We would recommend your theatre and this show to anyone. Please pass on our congratulations to everyone involved, we had a truly wonderful night.

Kind Regards

Mark and Taina

I love it when we hear that new people have come to the theatre (of course it is my job to be interested in new audiences being the Audience Development Manager and all) but it gives me a warm feeling inside. So thank you both, you are welcome and come again at any time.

Audiences have really take this show to heart and you can feel the passion in the theatre. A mate of mine that came to see the show said one of the things he loved was that there were quite a few laughs for everyone but there were obviously a few 'in' jokes and subtle nuances (yes he used those words, in a coversation, willy nilly - he's clever like that) that really resonated with those that were actually at the Casino. I also read on the Front of House report that one audience member had to leave the auditorium early. Not I hasten to add because he wasn't enjoying the show but because if he stayed to the end he would cry again!
So thank you for your feedback as Vinnie Jones once said 'It's been emotional!'


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