Friday, 6 June 2008

Once Upon a Time in Wigan - LIVE! - The Album

Wigan opened last night. Although, I didn't see it myself apparently it were reet good! Even got a text from a Northern Soul fan friend of ours this morning and I quote 'It was really good. The band works really well. Even the vocals sounded close on most songs.' High praise indeed!

I saw the 2nd half of the dress yesterday and it looked and sounded brilliant so I am more than a little excited about seeing it tonight. My enthusiasm was such that when I bumped into Sandy Holt later in the day and persuaded him to show me a few Northern Soul moves in preparation, one of them being a back bend type thingy (you can see Richard Oldham doing a much better job in the photos below), Sandy was kind enough to say it was good. My hips and knees today seem to largely disagree with that but it was worth it for a small compliment from Mr Northen Soul Dance Champion. Anyway, here are the photos I mentioned for your enjoyment.

If you fancy dusting off some of your own moves, then you might be interested to know that Russ Winstanley, Wigan founder, will be dj-ing in the bar here at the Theatre during the interval and after the show. You can catch him on 10 June, 17 June and 24 June. Now where did I put my talc and baggies!


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