Friday, 2 October 2009

Theatre for preschoolers...

This autumn internationally renowned M6 Theatre Company brings its wealth of over 30 years experience of bringing work to the stage for young audiences, with their latest production the beautifully sensitive and moving new play One Little Word here at the Octagon Theatre Bolton on Thurs 22 October at 11am and 2pm.

Specially created for young children aged 3+, One Little Word tells the story of two characters who play together – exploring a new space, new objects, dressing up and taking turns - but struggles arise when one of them wants to be the ONLY Captain of the ship! This beautiful and gentle story of friendship, power struggles and the rich world of creative play has been underscored with original music, and contains only ONE spoken word.

The creative team behind this beautifully crafted and moving production includes internationally acclaimed theatre artists - Andy Manley (Director – Polka Theatre & Scottish Opera) and Tayo Akinbode (Song of Singapore 2007) with actors Eve Robertson (Road 2008 and Spring and Port Wine 2008) and Luke Walker (Mind The Gap, Three of the Best from 24:7, 2007).

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