Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Investigate: Miller Time

If seeing All My Sons has led you to want to know more about the man that is the great Arthur Miller you might be interested to get the heads up on a few associated events that are part of our BoltON investigate series.

Tomorrow (Wed 14 Oct) starts a Investigation into All My Sons. As the title suggests David leads some of the cast into an investigation of the play. If you are studying Miller, just have a general passion for him or want to understand more about the 'science' behind a performance then this will provide a great insight into how a play progresses from page to stage. And don't forget if you are under 26 you can still take advantage of the under 26s Free Tickets scheme. Click here for more info on the event.

On Saturday 17 Oct we welcome the guru of all things Miller, Mr Christopher Bigsby. Not only did Mr Bigsby write the article on All My Sons for our season brochure, he is a Director of the Arthur Miller Centre and an author of a new biography on Arthur Miller. So there can't be many more qualified to talk about Arthur and I am sure as eggs he knows his onions. You can read more about this event here.

And lastly, but by no means leastly, we have had some further info on the Investigate: All My Children event on Sat 24 October. This event will see extracts of All My Sons, performed alongside Caryl Churchill's Seven Jewish Children and Seven Other Children by Richard Stirling. Should be a very interesting day. If you want to join the debate then click here for more info.

So October is looking like a good month for fans of Miller. As I said in the title....Miller Time.
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