Friday, 19 September 2008

The Merchant of Venice - production images

So The Merchant of Venice opened last night and the feedback so far seems to be very positive. I sneaked into the dress yesterday to get a glimpse of how it is shaping up and it looks great. Tom Scutt's design works really well in portraying this rather murky, tarnished world.

It wasn't too murky though allowing super snapper Ian Tilton to capture some great moments from the play:


  1. I went to the performance on Friday night and really enjoyed it. I thought it was an excellent production ... David Fielder and Emily Pithon were, for me, particularly outstanding and many of the themes of the play struck me as very relevant and significant in the current economic and social climate.

  2. Thanks very much for your feedback and good to see you here the other night.

    If you interested in what th press are saying you can read the reviews here:

    Hope to see you at the Octagon again in the near future.