Thursday, 11 September 2008

Friday Fun, Freebies and Five Reasons to see the Merchant of Venice...

As they say in Sesame Street, today's post is brought to you by the letter 'F' (Friday Fun Freebies Five (Reasons to see The Merchant of Venice))!

Okay, there is no real excuse for the video below apart from it's Friday and I love all things muppet. Plus, there is a tenuous link as this little piece is called the Monsters of Venice (see what they did there?). Although, it does little to unravel the plot of Shakespeare's original, Grover-Shylock's 'If you tickle us...' speech amused me muchly!

Anyway, that was the fun bit and here's the freebie bit....over at What's On Stage there is a competition to win free tickets to the Octagon's upcoming production of the Merchant of Venice. Unfortunately, Grover will not be performing in our production but I am sure the great cast we have will more than make up for it! You can see a full cast list here.

Click here for more competition details. You'll have to make it snappy though. The competition closes on Tuesday 16 September......good luck!

And not only that, there will also be another special offer on Saturday in The Bolton News. I am not going to ruin the fun and give away the details, so you just might have to buy a copy!

UPDATE: There's also a nice piece on What's On Stage where our very own Mr Babych lists five reasons why you shouldn't miss The Merchant of Venice. If anyone wants to post their own 'five reasons to see' why not leave yours in the comments section......


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