Friday, 26 October 2007

War, huh, what is it good for?

Left to right: Jeff Hordley, Matthew Kelly and Matt Rixon.

In the words of the fabulous Joan Littlewood when asked why she wouldn't allow any of our main theatres to stage the show she replied 'I say to everyone: go and invent your own bloody show'.

Well, this time we didn't invent our own show, and Oh what A Lovely War opened last night to great success. You can read an article about Oh What A Lovely War in The Spectator (ooh get us!) here plus you can also read about what some of the cast have to say in the Bolton News article here.

More production images and reviews to follow as we receive them. But if you haven't already bought your ticket, and a lot of people have, you might want to ring Ticket Office (01204 520661) sharpish as they are selling like hot cakes - you have been warned!


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