Monday, 1 October 2007

Children's Theatre - Dragon-Fish

Dragon-Fish is rooted in a traditional tale from Vietnam. The story is about a brother and sister who live together in a tumble-down cottage by the side of a huge lake.

The brother believes that the Dragon King lies at the bottom of the lake but the sister doesn't. In fact, they argue all the time, mostly about the fact that the brother fishes all day long but never catches anything whilst the sister works non-stop to try and grow vegetables to feed the hens, tend the plum trees and clean the house. The only thing she actually does well is make jam.
The brother has a pretend friend with whom he has pretend adventures - much to the annoyance of his sister who tries to wake him from these dreams.

Eventually the brother tries to fish properly but his new hook sinks to the bottom of the lake disturbing the Dragon King himself and so causing the lake to overflow leaving mud and muck all through their tumble-down cottage. Not only that but the brother sees a little girl rising out of the lake and asks him to dive down to the bottom of the lake with her to remove his fishing hook which is stuck in the mouth of her father - the Dragon King.......

Will the brother go with the girl? Will he survive the wrath of the Dragon King? How will he get the hook from the Dragon King's huge jaws?

If you want to know how it all pans out for the brother, the Dragon King and that hook you can read more here.
You can also read the comments of children that have seen the show here or the thoughts of their teachers here.


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