Tuesday, 15 December 2009

MEN awards - photos

A few photos of Octagon folk at the MEN awards have been published on their website. Here are a few...

The very beautiful Kosha Engler (Oleanna and nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role) and our own and equally glamorous Parvati Pindoria (nominee and dare I say it winner of Best Smile). Kosha won the Octagon Theatre award for the Best Shoes of the night. It was a very discerning panel and the decision was unanimous!

Winner of Biza award, Vanessa Kirby, and her boyfriend Christian Cook aka The Beautifuls. Oh and then there was this...the dapper John Blackmore and..er...Morticia Adams less good looking relation!

If that hasn't scared you off you can see more photos and also read the Twitter stream from the awards here.
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