Thursday, 3 December 2009

Design Mind Meld

You may remember I mentioned a while back the show that is currently in rehearsal The Enemies Within. I talk about it here. Anyway, we went to meet up with the cast the other day to talk about the production.

Firstly, it struck me how passionate they all are about this piece and the subject matter - the Great Miner's Strike 1984 - 85. Now, although I am aware of the strike, I have to plead complete ignorance about the whys and the wherefores. I was not the most politically aware 10 year old so that may explain it.

Secondly, we were going through some of the print and photos from the 1985. Howard had also saved the programme from the original production and I was struck but how similar the original programme was to the print we have produced. Have a look... it seems our designer must have some time travel and psychic design skills

1985 programme..
2009 leaflet...

I have also uploaded a few production shots from 1985. This is how the cast looked back in 1985. They haven't changed a bit....

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