Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Seafarer - Behind the scenes...

Usually when I film the shows it tends to happen at the dress rehearsal so what you see is pretty close to what you see when you come to see the show proper. However, we decided to shoot this video of the Seafarer during rehearsals in the slightly less glamorous space of the rehearsal room. Thought it might be nice for you too see the show without grease paint (do they use that anymore?) set and costumes so there is still an element of the unknown when you come to see the show proper.

As Mark says on the video The Seafarer is a very funny show, it is also his last one as Artistic Director (sniff!) so double reason to come and see it. There is also rather a lot of 'choice' language by that I mean there is rather a lot of swearing, a loh hoh hot of swearing. So if swearing isn't your thing then do not, I repeat DO NOT click on the video below. However, if you are up for the craic click away....

Remember you can see past films of our previous shows by clcking the video promo link in the side bar or watch them on our YouTube channel.


  1. It looks lke you're all having far too much fun! Good luck with it, I hope to come and cheer you on.

  2. I went To watch it and it was very funny, great story line well done.

  3. Saw it last night.Fantastic.Go,you'll have a great night!