Friday, 5 June 2009

A bit of sparkle...

Due to us recently launching our new season, the first from the new Artistic Director we thought that warranted an extra bit of sparkle and who doesn't like a bit of sparkle? Well I'll tell you who does, the lovely Tracey of the Tada's that's who. Here she is in all her glittery glory, kindly modelling our new brochure...

Tracey braved the hottest day of the recent spell of good weather to dress up for us and walk the streets of Bolton spreading the word about out new season. Doesn't she look fab?

Apparently the good people of Bolton are not at all phased by people dressing as glitter balls and she was swamped with people wanting a copy of our brochure. Not sure if it was the brochure they wanted (it is pretty special even if I do say so myself), the need to chat with Tracey or perhaps the opportunity to check their reflection in her sparkly suit.

Unfortunately a couple hours was quite enough of wandering round in the hot, hot sun when you are effectively dressed in something that I suspect acts like tin foil so she returned looking a little pink and feeling a little thirsty but was still smiling a great big smile. Thanks Tracey, you certainly brightened my day.


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