Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Line for the Comedy Mela

We have now had the line-up confirmed for the Comedy Mela on 19 June. Looks like it is going to be a really good night. Here's the skinny on the line-up....

Shazia Mirza

"Her laconic one-liners represent something quite unique in modern comedy."
William Cook, The Guardian

Shazia is a very funny award winning British Asian stand up Comedian from Birmingham England.

She works all over the world and has toured the US, Sweden, Denmark, France Holland and Germany. She has appeared on CBS 60 Minutes, NBC's Last Comic Standing, and Have I Got News for You (BBC) and not only that she has won various awards including: semi-finalist NBC's Last Comic Standing 2008; Winner of the GG2 Young Achiever of the Year Award 2003 andWinner of Metro Magazines in association with Jongleurs Comedy Clubs People's Choice Best Comic Award 2002

Shazia could have married a rich man and lived in a mansion on The Bishops Avenue, with servants, bidets, and horses. But instead she chose to drive up and down the country for as little as ten pounds, staying in dirty lurid bed and breakfasts trying to make people laugh. You can read more about her here.

Ryan Gough
Apparently Ryan he is on a famous advert on Asian TV network for chapatti flour as a wrestler and his face can be seen on lots of posters and bill boards in Indian food shops! I don't know why I say apparently because here he is...

Ryan performed his first gig in December 2000, jumping up on a comedy club stage to deputise for his mate who 'bottled it' at the last minute. As the compere introduced his nervous friends name, he bolted into the Gents and Ryan took the mike and treated the small Birmingham crowd to an improvised routine about the boredom of his job at the time.

Over three years and two hundred gigs later, Ryan has now graduated to a regular circuit act, performing at every comedy club from Newcastle to Plymouth. Being 6 foot 5 inches tall and touching on nineteen stone with a shaved head, a lazy eye and his trademark black leather coat, Ryan can look scary, intimidating and aggressive. But nothing can be further from the truth, Ryan's friendly banter with the audience makes him an ideal compere.

Imran Yusuf
Imran is an up and coming comic. Click here to have a look at him in action. I tried to embed it here for ease but it is not to be. Don't try and say that I don't do anything for you!

And here's what's being said:

“Imran is something I’ve never ever seen before… he almost rapped his gig… it had the rhythm of a rap. I’ve never ever, ever seen anyone’s delivery like that.” Adam Bloom, BBC Radio 7

“Whippet-thin Imran Yusuf is almost cartoon-like in his physicality, prancing nimbly round the stage, striking clownish poses and gurning comically when it’s called for. It’s a tour-de-force delivery, full of infectious vigour and life.”
Chortle 2008

“It's difficult to describe our middle act, Imran Yusuf, who is, in the reviewer's opinion, the most exciting and original act to grace the Big Jack's stage in a while. His lightning quick patter was mind boggling, veering crazily between different subjects and accents and demanding pop-eyed attention from start to finish. Definitely one to watch.”
Big Jack’s Laughter Club

“Gangling around the stage, all elbows and knees, ripping into himself in street slang. We were helpless with laughter - so many great gags in such a short time. We've never seen anything like it. He's a proper original who could really go places”.
Roar With Laughter

To book your tickets to the Comedy Mela call the Ticket Office on 01204 520661 or click here to book online.


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