Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Danny the Champion of the World - The Movie

If the productions shots and the reviews weren't enough to wet your whistle or if they were and you want to see Danny the Champion of the World again then take a look at our latest video...

If you are a fan of Dahl, I thought you might be interested in reading this article in the Guardian. I found it on the ArtsList blog (thanks ArtsList!).

INTERESTING FACTOID: You might also like to know his name is pronounced Roo-ahl (to rhyme with Dahl) rather than 'Rolled'. So now you know.....


  1. Top Play! 5stars *****

    A must see! Take your kids!


  2. Brilliant performance !!!

  3. Thanks you for your kind comments. We are glad you are enjoying the show.

    It is a good one. I took my family over Christmas (aged 6 - 60) and they all loved it too.