Monday, 24 November 2008

Danny the Champion of the World - photos

Well it seems our festive show has come around very quickly as I found myself this morning going against a tide of young people as the schools descend on the theatre to see the show. Makes for a nice atmosphere of a morning with all the excited chatter.

Danny opened on Friday night and seemed to have gone down very well. The adults seemed to enjoy it as much as the children. As I predicted the chickens and pheasants were particularly well received, by one of my fellow audiences members particularly (you know who you are). The cast did a great job and although this Dahl story doesn't have as much of the fantasy that his others do, I still think it was magical on stage. Des O'Malley, despite being a little older than than the character he was playing, captures an innocence and wide eyed exuberance that makes him thoroughly convincing as the young hero and is a real link between the audience and the cast of larger than life characters that share the stage. Highlights for me were the late night car journey (nice choreography Mr Babych!), pheasants aplenty falling from the sky and the kids enthusiasm (and some adults) when volunteering to be beaten, sorry, I mean beaters. Anyway, here are a few of the production photos. The photographer, Ian Tilton, has redesigned his website and I am pleased to say a fair few Octagon production shots are featured. You can see them here.


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