Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Danny the Champion of the World - countdown

As you may or may not be aware our festive production of Danny the Champion of the World opens on Friday. I know I can't believe it has come around so quickly either.

Rehearsals are in full swing and at the run through on Friday it already looked in really good shape. Even without all the jiggery-pokery of lights, costumes, make-up and the amazing set it was still exciting and magical so I can't wait to see it as a whole. There are some great and larger than life characters in the production but even so I fear that the chickens may well steal the show! There are laughs, suspense, fantastic and ingenious plans and even the odd tear (or that might just be me, despite being under the brights and unforgiving lights of the reheasal room with a whole load of colleagues I still welled up at a couple of points).

The set is now up and looks well up to our usual standard. What with three Octagon productions, including last years Christmas production, being nominated in the upcoming MEN awards that standard is a high one but we expect nothing less of Linbury Prize Winning designer, Helen Goddard. (Aside: Tom Scutt, another Linbury prize winner, has had his beautiful set for The Merchant of Venice nominated for the MEN award).

I may try and post a few photos of the set but that might ruin the surprise for some. Talking of surprises, if you don't like them and would rather try before you buy then you might be interested to know that the cast will be performing a short segment on the show at the lights switch on on Sunday 23 Nov at 5pm? If you like what you see, why not book yourself a ticket....


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