Wednesday, 26 August 2009

What's On in September

It has been dark here at the theatre for the last few weeks but this doesn't mean it has been quiet. It has given time for staff to take holidays, time for renovations and time for producing our BoltON programme. As I said it hasn't been quiet but it has been quiet on stage and in the building with the obvious absence of actors and rehearsals. It isn't due to stay quiet for much longer as the cast of Ghosts are in the building to work on translating the script; the cast of Mixed Up North arrive next week for final rehearsals and come September the theatre will be buzzing with a whole range of events. Here's what to expect:

In the main auditorium

10 - 26 September 2009

Octagon Theatre Bolton and Out of Joint present

The first show of our new season (Mixed Up North) is a verbatim piece of theatre, based on the words of a group of young people and their community group leaders during their involvement with a project set up after the Burnley riots. It explores what it means to be a young person in today’s society; the pressures; the sometimes shocking stories of the young people involved and the positive changes young people can make given the space and support to do so. Read more here...

In the Studio

12 September 2009
In association with North West Playwrights

Investigate: Who Needs Writers?

This innovative new programme of Investigate events aims to supplement theatregoers experiences as they delve deeper into the issues and themes raised by the productions shown in the main auditorium. This first event investigates Mixed Up North and verbatim theatre. Read more here...

16 - 18 September 2009

Three of the Best from 24:7

Three new shows hot off the press from 24:7 Theatre Festival. The line up features 5:30 (winner of Best Actor - Peter Ash), Lub You (winner of Best Actress - Eve Steele) and As We Forgive Them (winner of Best Production) So a whole host of talent to look forward to. You can read what Citylife had to say here, read more about the shows and book tickets online here and watch video of the shows here.

19 September 2009

Investigate: Three of the Best from 24:7

Chaired by Martin Thomasson, senior creative writing lecturer at the University of Bolton, the second in the Investigate series will be a workshop session offering an insight into the background of the plays and allows the audience to discuss them with the writer, cast and director. Audience members can thus contribute to the development of the production, giving vital feedback as to how the plays can move forward. Read more and book tickets here...

23 - 24 September 2009

Corin Redgrave in De Profundis

Corin makes his debut at the Octagon Theatre Bolton with his performance of one of the most moving love letters ever written. This is the first event that Corin will perform in the Studio. He also returns in November but more about that at a later date. You can read more about this show and book tickets here...

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