Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Community projects.

I caught a news item the other night about Tilda Swinton and her Screen Machine mobile cinema project. She is hoping to bring film to communities that no longer have a cinema by way of a 'cinema bus' called the Screen Machine. As she rightly pointed out most towns, back in the day, had a cinema of some description and she wanted to bring that resource back for a short period of time, encourage people to see little known films and share in a communal experience. Bolton, around 30 years ago, according to Keith (our finance man and expert on all things Bolton), had 3 'picture houses' in Bolton town centre alone. We obviously still have cinemas here but now they are more on the periphery. But anyhoo, this item got me thinking about communities.

This was compounded later that evening, there was a programme called Crime UK. A segment of this focused on how town planners were redesigning problem estates to provide a safer, crime free community. The bit on 'architecture with surveillance in mind' was very interesting but it also talked about Thames Valley Police and their community football scheme for the local young people. Both of these pieces prompted me to do a round up of some of the community focused projects that are currently on our radar:

Our involvement in the RECLAIM scheme.

activ8's Summer School project which plays to the public this week.

The first show of the new season, Mixed Up North, is based on the words and experiences of those involved in a community project in Burnley.

Our casting project for Oliver Twist where we encourage young people from the local community to audition. Please note: all applications must be received by 28 August so if your youngster wants to become part of the Octagon acting community request an application now!

Call: 01204 529407).

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