Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Print of the Week

The lovely people at Arts About Manchester distribute all of our print (as well as other services too numerous to mention) but they also encourage venues with lovely accolades such as Print of the Week. Well guess who was this weeks winner....well (she says bashfully) it was us. Here's what they had to say (blush, blush)

And the most innaccurately named yet highly sought after honour goes to.....

The Octagon Theatre, Bolton for The Caretaker and Looking for Buddy, both of which are designed by http://www.dna.tc/ (cue massive cheers and applause)!

As you should hopefully be able to see (despite the poor quality of the photo) the A5 flyers sit nicely in the racks, with the crucial information (like the name and date of the show) clearly visible and eye-catchingly presented alongside The Octagon's logo.

The front of the flyer also includes the ticket prices and booking options, helpfully divided into "call", "click" and "vist", as well as an additional detail to add extra appeal to each production. Looking for Buddy has a shiny "World Premiere" star and The Caretaker flyer incorporates a great quote from The Independent.

The back of the flyer is neatly divided into four sections. The top one contains information about the show, including a clear age reccomendation. The second has information such as times, prices, and "special diary dates", which is a great touch and refers to both bargain nights and special performances like meet the director events and BSL interpreted performances. The final section repeats the booking information shown on the front of the flyers. It is the third section, however, that really made these flyers stand out this week. This section (in blue) tells the reader what the next show at The Octagon will be, effectively promoting two shows in their print for the price of one!

Sally Boyd, the Audience Development Manager at The Octagon Theatre, Bolton has gracefully shared the glory and given credit where it is due to Lee at DNA for his work on the design and Joel Chester Fildes and William Chitham for the images.

I would not only like to thank Lee, Joel and Will for their sterling work but also my mum, husband, the Golden Buddha and the Tyne Bridge for making this possible [sob!]...


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