Friday, 27 March 2009

activ8 update - Play on Words

Some breaking news (pardon the pun) from activ8. The Stage 5 youth theatre show, Play on Words, is on today and Saturday in the Bill Naughton Studio at 7.30pm.

The group have devised around the theme of celebrity culture and its implications in a recession. They used the Lily Allen song Fear as a starting point.

Here the skinny. The play follows the story of Marie Evans, budding journalist who finds herself working on the college paper with young people who are far more interested in celebrity gossip than real news issues. She is asked to leave and forms her own rival paper. She enters an internship competition with the Guardian by reporting on a local textile factory closing down due to the recession, two of the factory workers have started making hats and they have become a real hit with young people! However she is in for a big surprise when she finally gets to the guardian, as it’s not what she expected.

If you want to see the show then you can buy tickets from Ticket Office (01204 520661) for £3 a pop. If you are under 26 then you can take advantage of the under 26 Free Ticket scheme.


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