Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tim Healy stars in Octagon Theatre World Premiere

Why-Aye man (ahem sorry about that!) but we are delighted to announce that the distinguished Geordie actor, Tim Healy, will be making his Octagon debut in the World Premiere of Alan Plater’s new witty musical play Looking for Buddy, which runs from Thurs 2 Apr - Sat 25 Apr 09.

Tim Healy's credits include the role of Dennis in the cult 80s TV drama Auf Wiedersehen Pet and Dad in the theatre production Billy Elliot – The Musical, where he was nominated for Best Performance in a Supporting Role – Olivier Awards in 2006. Tim is currently starring in BBC One’s Waterloo Road. You can read more about him here.

Tim Healy will be playing the part of Phil, a Geordie private eye who is searching for a lost recording by his jazz hero, Buddy Bolden. During his search he introduces a host of canny characters including a blonde 'to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window' and a whole hosts of witty toons, sorry, tunes (I am getting carried away with the Geordie dialect man).

Tim will be joined by a canny cast including some real some bonny lasses so divvent miss it. Does he find Buddy's recording and does he get the girl? Mebbe he does, mebbe he doesn''ll have to watch it to find out!


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