Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Caretaker

Although I have been posting about Up Against the Wall recently, which is selling fast by way, as the Monty Python crew might saw 'and now for something completely different'. Audiences have an opportunity to see the play that launched Harold Pinter as a major dramatist.

Why The Caretaker?

Harold Pinter’s The Caretaker was an immediate hit with audiences and the play that gave Pinter his first major success as a dramatist in the 60s. The Caretaker introduced Pinter’s style of dialogue – which, in time had drama critics coin the phrase ‘Pinteresque’ in reference to his unique use of pauses, silences and comedic confusion. This made a play of shifting balances of power and is now hailed as a post-war masterpiece.

As Mark Babych (Artistic Director) comments:

“The recent death of Harold Pinter makes this a particularly poignant moment to be staging one of his greatest ever plays. The Caretaker is a darkly comic unsettling drama that shows Pinter’s brilliant portrayal of territorial power battles between human beings at its absolute best. It is a real gem of our modern British theatrical heritage, and I'm privileged to be working with such a cracking cast, in my last season as Artistic Director"

What's the story?
A tramp, Davies, enters the lives of two brothers, Mick and Aston. While Aston sees him a friend, his elder brother Mick is unsettled by the interloper and plays psychological games with Davies to scare him off. Davies eventually begins to play one brother off against the other and as a consequence all three men attempt to manipulate each other as they manoeuvre in a territorial battle of supremacy.

Who's in it?

Returning to the Octagon is Jeff Hordley as Mick who last appeared in Oh What a Lovely War and And Did Those Feet, Matthew Rixon who last appeared in The Crucible and Oh What a Lovely War as Aston and making his debut at the Octagon is Paul Webster, a stalwart of the Royal Shakespeare Company for 16 years, as Davies. As Mark says a cracking cast and a great play....can't wait for this one!


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