Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Thankyou Letters

Not only has A Christmas Carol got some nice press reviews, we have also have had some fantastic feedback from our audience. Here's a lovely letter that we were sent recently. There's something so nice and personal about 'snail mail' in this internet age.

If you can't read the above here are a few edited highlights:
We have been to see many productions at the Octagon but must say this was the
best performance I have ever seen there.....It was brilliant from start to
finish. Thanks to all the cast for their performance and last but not least all
the backstage people who helped to put on this production. A job well done!

And not only have people take the time to write to us to say how much they have enjoyed the show but also have written to The Bolton News.

If you can't make out the text above you can read the letters online here and here. So many thanks to those that have come to see the show and special thanks to those that have put in the effort to write about their experiences!


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