Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Talking Pants Is Far From Pants

Talking Pants is now a 5* Edinburgh show direct from the Fringe. The Edinburgh Evening News wrote:

"The show includes things like 'Humpty Dumpty: was he pushed or did he fall?' and
'How Did Dinosaurs scratch their heads?' plus lots of other silly and funny things. Ian Billings uses his imagination to create this hilarious show where the audience is allowed to join in by shouting out. I thought the show was funny, silly and I have never seen anything like it. I laughed at nearly every part and Ian Billings was brilliant, even though he had to do it all on his own.

If you like bags of gags and puns then you'll love Talking Pants."
Sammi Bridgman, Royal High Primary School.

It's great to see a young audience member reviewing the show for the local paper. If you fancy yourself as a theatre reviewer would like to share your views on Talking Pants or any of our Children's Theatre Saturday events, you can email me at

Talking Pants will be at the Octagon on Saturday 22nd September. You can click here for more information or to book online.


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