Friday, 21 September 2007

A Mixed Musical Medley

With mellow vibes, musical magic, madness and/or mayhem (I'll leave it to you to decide which events deserve the adjectives above!) October brings with it a diverse line-up of events kicking off with Arun Ghosh.

Arun's show has been described as a rhythmic recipe of clarinet, vocal and keyboards or in other words it "layers twisted tablatroncis, skylarking sequencers and samplers, freaky drones and electro tones plus a dash of desi to produce deep down 'n' dirty beat-up jazz with the passion of punk". For those of you that are as illiterate with the intricacies of musical composition and production as I, you might wanted to actually listen to some of his tunes to understand the blurb above.
Arun is also composing the music for our upcoming production of And Did Those Feet, so I, for one, will be fascinated to see the outcome. Seeing as the play was set in the 1920's I am assuming the electro tones and freaky drones will be toned down somewhat, unless he is planning a punk/jazz mash-up of Jerusalem?!! You can read an interview with Arun in the show's programme.

Next up, we welcome back Moore Marriott.
Their lyrical, tuneful, idiosyncratic songs invite comparison with Neil Finn, Ed Harcourt and Badly Drawn Boy but don't take my word for it. Why not decide for yourself and have a listen?
The combination of the infectious, captivating music and the heady, intimate atmosphere of the Bill Naughton Studio Theatre is a promising recipe for another sell-out performance.

And last by no means least of the musical trio, Mundo Jazz. When they are not saving Texas, and fighting capitalism, they are dedicated to preaching peace, love and understanding! And if you think that all sounds a bit heavy, then perhaps you need to have a look at this. Peace Out.....


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