Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Making a song and a dance for more men!

'Sure, he's cute - but if only he could sing!'

It will come as no surprise to women in the North West that there is a shortage of men
out there, but what about men who can sing?

Emmerdale star Amy Nuttall (pictured above) is making a desperate plea for male singers to form part of the community choir in Bolton Octagon’s forthcoming production of The Hired Man.

Directed by David Thacker, and starring Amy Nuttall in one of the lead roles, the production includes a community chorus that is made up entirely of volunteers from the Bolton area.

However, it would seem that there is a distinct lack of vocal confidence amongst Bolton’s male population, with a staggering three quarters of the choir consisting solely of women!

The Octagon would like to redress this balance and give the men of Bolton the opportunity to tread the boards and raise the roof! So, if you think you can carry a tune, are over the age of 18, male, and willing to commit your time, then please contact Elizabeth Newman for more details: elizabeth.newman@octagonbolton.co.uk.
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