Thursday, 1 April 2010

Comedians - meet the line up...

As these apprentice comedians prepare to perform their acts in front of a live audience, Eddie Waters [above], aka The Lancashire Lad, is delighted to introduce the stand out line up for Comedians (opening on 15 April) . Which of these comedians are set for stardom and which will fall at the final hurdle?

On the bill are:

Name: Mick Connor
Occupation: Builder
Hometown: Somewhere in Ireland
What they say
"I want to be famous. I want to be rich and famous. What's wrong with that...?"

Name: George McBrain
Occupation: Docker
Hometown: Belfast
What they say
"Tonight you will see...something! I have what it takes. And when you have God you have it!"

Name: Gethin Price
Occupation: Van Driver
Hometown: Clayton
What they say
"I don't like telling what to think. That's all. I don't want telling what to feel"

Name: Ged Murray / Phil Murray
Occupation: Milkman / Insurance Agent
Hometown: Blackley
What they say
Ged "When are you gonna face it; you're not funny. You're a straight. You can't work on your own but I can."
Phil "I'd done clubs..Like the bloody wild west, both of 'em. There was nothing wrong with me. My troubles started when I took you on, believe me."

Name: Sammy Samuels
Occupation: Club Owner
Hometown: Middleton
What they say
"I wouldn't be seen dead working in a club like mine. I want the tops, I want TV, I want the Palladium"

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