Thursday, 7 January 2010

Call for scripts for 24:7 - deadline approaching...

A letter from our friends at 24:7.

Dear writers...

While you're huddling around the fireside, what better opportunity is there to finish off that script?

Flash forward to next summer! Your show may be one of those participating in 24:7 Season Seven...

Remember that the deadline for submissions to 24:7 2010 will soon be upon us: Thursday 14th January

It must be original, unpublished and no longer than 60 minutes. We seek to present premières, so your script must not have been performed in a mainstream context, in any medium. If it has had a rehearsed reading or ‘test’ performances, that may be OK. If you have questions about a specific submission, it would be best to email us before submitting. We can confirm that the reading fee has been maintained at £30 per script submitted.

For full details, along with our new online submissions procedure Click Here.

To sum up then, the key dates for 24:7 2010 are:

Script submission deadline: 14 January
Invitations to participate: on or around Monday 19 April
Big Gathering: Monday 10 May
Media Launch: on or around Tuesday 8 June
Festival Week: Monday 26 July - Sunday 1 August.

Love from

David at 24:7 Theatre Festival x

So you heard the man - get a-scribbling and a-sending and a Happy New [Writing] Year to you all!
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