Monday, 28 September 2009

Some news from our friends at 24:7 Theatre Festival

I have just had some exciting bits of news in my Inbox from the 24:7-ers. Here are some of the highlights..

Three of the Best from 24:7 to land in London!
For six years now our annual 24:7 Theatre Festival has been a springboard for new writing and acting talent in the North West. Just last week we at the Octagon Theatre Bolton, hosted Three of the Best from 24:7 to appreciative audiences. Now, supported by The Co-operative (and for one day only: Thursday, 15 October!), the Three will transfer to London’s Young Vic as part of our drive to put regional work on a national stage.

These shows are guaranteed to delight, excite, entertain and provoke. Written by Alistair McDowall, the compelling, sometimes terrifying 5:30 is set on a train and charts the unlikely friendship between aggressive, manic Rob and the quiet, reserved Tim. In Lub You, writer Eve Steele inhabits the mind and body of a two year old, as Charlie’s world is turned upside down by the birth of his baby brother.Rounding off the Three is Richard Vergette’s memorable and moving As We Forgive Them. The writer himself plays an American Congressman who controversially saves his daughter’s murderer from the death penalty in order to educate the man on his wrongdoings. A bit of background...

This showcase is the latest exciting development of an initiative that began in January 2004 as an unfunded showcase for undiscovered, under-resourced or under-utilised theatre-related talent. We persuaded bars, nightclubs and other non-traditional theatre venues to let us stage 17 premi̬res of new one-hour plays. Just six years later Рhaving received industry awards and now supported by the Arts Council, Manchester City Council and The Co-operative Рthe Festival has showcased 113 plays by 89 writers, and around 20,000 people have seen a performance.

Scripts for 24:7 are selected by a panel of industry professionals and each writer invited to participate is regarded as executive producer – a system which has built the Festival’s reputation as a showcase for the highest levels of new talent. A number of productions have gone on to perform at the Octagon Theatre, Bolton, Manchester’s Library Theatre and on tour across the country. Writers have won awards in the UK and Ireland and commissions from national and regional producing companies.

Showcase details:
Date: Thursday, 15 October 2009
Venue: Young Vic, 66 The Cut, London SE1 8LZ (near the Old Vic and Waterloo Station)
Running order:
1pm 5:30,
2:15pm Lub You,
3:30pm As We Forgive Them;
6:30pm 5:30,
7:45pm Lub You,
9pm As We Forgive Them
Tickets: £5 per performance from the Young Vic box office on 020 7922 2922 or book online at

If you fancy writing something yourself you might also want to have a read of this...

Action Transport Theatre will present Four (brand new amazing plays) For The Port

Are you a young or emerging writer who'd like to write a play?Are you passionate about writing for young people?Do you want to get involved with one of the UK's leading new-writing theatre companies?

Four For The Port is a new-writing project that will take four writers through a professionally-guided play-writing process.

If you are 14 or over, contact:
Tel: 0151 357 2120
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