Monday, 22 December 2008

Family Friendly Reviews...

Some very nice people from Family Friendly came to review Danny the Champion of the World. They had a lovely time. Thank you for your kind words...

We went along to see Danny, Champion of the world last night. I have to say we all had a great time! It was very well thought out and put together, with a great story and production. The actors were fantastic too. Danny himself was superb, but my favourite was the head teacher, she just reminded me of my head teacher years ago! I also loved the way that the actors provided all the sound effects, babies, cars, chickens etc.
Great night out for anyone, regardless of age. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and the cast had everyone standing up, clapping, stamping their feet and whooping like police cars!
I really enjoyed Danny, it was so funny. I liked Mr Hazel. I also liked Gemma in the school part she joined the audience and went because she got detention
The actors were really dressed well, but my favourite part is in the Hazell's Wood also when Danny made up the plan about the sleeping pills. IT WAS HILARIOUS !!!!!!!


I am still laughing my head off, Danny the Champion of the World was hilarious. My favorite character was the headteacher . I really enjoyed myself and want to watch it again until I know all the words.



  1. Danny the champion of the world.10.01.09Thank you so much,three generations were in the theater tonight,grandad,daughter,and grandaughters.Absolutely magnificent.Superb acting and production.

  2. Dear Ray

    So glad you all enjoyed the production and many thanks for feeding back to me.

    We hope to see you at the Octagon again in the neear future....