Tuesday, 22 July 2008

activ8 Showcase

You may remember me mentioning the activ8 showcase here. Well, at last I have got round to uploading some more info and more importantly details of the winners...drum roll please! Here's Lynsey to talk to you a bit more about it.....

Hello there!

We, in activ8, would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their hard work and support at our activ8 showcase and awards on Saturday 5 July. The whole evening was a great success and we’ve had some great feedback so thank you!Also congratulations to all those award winners out there! Here is a little more info about those special people whose hard work and commitment was recognised through the awards as part of the event.

Outstanding Personal Achievement and Development through Creative Arts

Awarded to: Thomas Mann

Thomas is a member of activ8 Bridges, our theatre company for young people with disabilities. Thomas has difficulties communicating in the same way many young people can but despite this he is a committed and enthusiastic members of the theatre group. He has created some fantastic music, films and theatre over the past couple of years.

Outstanding Contribution to Bolton’s Communities through Creative Arts

Awarded to: Holly Ball

Over the last year Holly Ball has been an activ8 volunteer that has worked above and beyond the call of duty. In November of last year, she volunteered on our two week summer school and large scale production of Millboys, Chavs and Space Cadets. Throughout this project Holly committed large amounts of time including weekends and evenings to offer invaluable help in the creative and logistical production of this project. Ever since, she has been a fortnightly volunteer with our 8-11 year’s youth theatre group, assisting the workshop leader in the sessions. Holly has been a fundamental asset to activ8 over the last year; she is always enthusiastic and willing to try anything new whether it be street dance, classical singing or rap! Always willing to get involved! Thank you Holly you are a legend!

Most Supportive Team Member

Awarded to: Molly Stevenson

Molly is a member of our Stage 3 youth theatre who meet at The Octagon Theatre every Wednesday evening. Within a group of 25 other young people aged 11-13; Molly has been an outstanding support to her peers. She is always offering to help and guide other members of the group, and you can be sure that any new arrivals to the sessions will be made to feel very welcome as she will go out of her way to make sure. In addition to this her effort, concentration and commitment to the work that they do is always 100%.

It is an absolute pleasure to have Molly in our youth theatre, and we hope that this award will highlight the outstanding levels of support that she offers to her youth theatre group. Well done Molly!

Most Memorable Individual Performance and Most Promising Newcomer

Awarded to: Andrew Darlington

Andrew has received this award for his numerous performances with our stage two youth theatre and through his involvement in our Half Term Play in a Week projects. Andrew’s performances always promise to be enthusiastic and full of energy with brilliant comedy timing.

Andrew has been involved in a number of activ8 projects over the last 2 years, and somehow always manages to steal the show! We wanted to give him this reward as recognition of his hard work and commitment to all of the projects he has been involved in, and for always, without fail, making us laugh!

Most promising newcomer

Awarded to: Betty and Margareth

Betty and Margareth moved from Africa to Bolton a couple of years ago. Since living here, they have become involved in a theatre project called ‘Young in Bolton’ and are now regular members of one of our satellite youth theatre groups. Betty and Margareth are popular members of the group and have shown great talent and commitment.


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