Monday, 25 February 2008

activ8 update

Thought it was about time I gave you an update on some of the things activ8 have been up to of late.

Play in a Week
Half Term, which I am sure for many teachers and pupils now feels like a distant memory, brings with it activ8's Play in a Week project. This project is an opportunity for young people to not only make friends but also teaches them new skills as they get to grips with crafting a complete performance. Working with a team of professionals the performance brings together various disciplines including acting, story-telling, music, movement, costume, props and even face paints!

21 young people from all over Bolton came together for 5 days to work on Roald Dahl's revolting rhyme Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This modern adaptation of the classic fairytale featured funky music, hip-hop moves, a 'wicked' queen, magic mirror and seven gangster dwarfs with a mild gambling addiction! Here's a snippet from the script:

While all of this was going on
Oh where, oh where had Snow White gone?
She'd found it easy, being pretty,
To hitch a ride into the city....

Sounds great doesn't it and I hope to post some pictures soon too. Certainly seems that some of the parents and their offspring enjoyed it. Here are a few of their comments:

'My daughter really enjoyed it and I was overwhelmed with the performance given by the children. You obviously all worked very hard.'

'I just wanted to say how much [my son] enjoyed the Play in a Week last week. He had such a good time and can't wait to come back in May. Do you know when I can book places for the May play in a week? He can't wait to come back!'

If you or your child wants to get involved in the next Play in a Week in May then bookings open early April. You can contact activ8 on 01204 556501 or email

UPDATE: as promised you can see some of the photos from Play in a Week below

Youth Theatre - Stage 3
activ8's Youth Theatre encourages young people to learn skills in improvisation, character building and play writing, and gives participants the opportunity to learn more about what happens 'behind-the-scenes' of a theatre. The sessions also aim to build participants' confidence, encourage self-awareness and provide an opportunity to meet new people and have fun, as well as the chance to perform in front of a live audience at the Octagon Theatre.

Their next performance will take place on Friday 14 March. This group have devised a piece of theatre that focuses on the themes of place, community, mystery and hysteria. Here's a synopsis:

Welcome to Blackwood, a sleepy town in the back of beyond. You'll meet all the usual folk, a barman, a teacher and even a preacher. Nothing out of the ordinary then, or so you might think. There's also something else, something different about this place, a something that can't be explained.....

Why not come along and witness the townsfolk as they unravel the forgotten secret of Blackwood? You can book tickets via the Ticket Office on 01204 520661 or book online.

And finally....
You may remember us talking about activ8's production of Millboys, Chavs and Space Cadets. If not, you can read about the rehearsal process and see a short video about the making of this ambitious project here.
We have received some production photos of Millboys now which you can see below. These have been taken by Paul Cliff. Nice work Paul, your shots have made me regret missing this show.


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