Thursday, 30 August 2007

All the world wide web is a stage

Welcome to the inaugural post on the Octagon's new blog! We have decided to launch a blog to keep a record of various goings on during the 40th Anniversary Season and beyond and give audiences a glimpse at what might go on behind the scenes at a successful producing theatre.

Quite simply it is a place to put things and publish information additional to that which features on our website. Not only that, it allows are audiences to get involved and comment on what's happening at the Octagon. If you feel you'd like to have more of a say then we'd welcome your words. You might feel like writing a review of one of our productions, a piece about a member of the cast or creative team you admire or even to simply send us your memories and experiences of visiting the Octagon Theatre. Any aspiring contributors can email information to

During Summer the theatre has been dark so not much happening from a performance point of view but allowing us time to dust ourselves off after the launch and end of Spring Summer 2007 season and get ourselves in shape for the 40th Anniversary Season. New carpets have been laid, bits of painting done - check out our new Ruby Red Stage door - new banners on the front of the building and automatic doors installed and much more.

Over the last couple of weeks though it feels as though things stage-wise are really starting to happen. The cast are in rehearsing Lisa's Sex Strike which is looking great and you can read about how rehearsals are progressing from the perspective of one of the cast and activ8 Youth Theatre have been running their summer school and working hard on their production of Millboys, Chavs and Space Cadets - a multimedia musical journey through past, present and future of Youth Culture in Bolton that celebrates local talent and the rich culture of Bolton.

So after months of preparation, the Anniversary Season kicks off next week with music from Clive Leyland and the opening night of Lisa's Sex Strike. We look forward to welcoming you and celebrating our Anniversary Season with the audiences that make this theatre such an exciting place to be. It's going to be a blast........


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